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Thursday 23 April 2020




There is now much greater optimism that Australia has managed to continue to suppress the Coronavirus pandemic with social isolation and imposed restrictions.  Federal & State Governments are now beginning to foreshadow their plans for gradual lifting of restrictions and re-booting our economy.

Chamber has been working with council on a Local Economic Assistance and Recovery Plan for Port Macquarie Hastings LGA over the past few weeks.  Key measures put forward for consideration include rates and fee relief, direct assistance to help cafés and restaurants to open when restrictions are lifted, new employment opportunities for trainees, housing industry incentives, preferencing for local suppliers and bringing forward major infrastructure projects to inject capital into our economy.

At a recent council meeting measures such as rates relief, outdoor dining fees and charges as well as increased local supplier preferencing were adopted.  The full detailed submission from Chamber to council is attached


Meanwhile council has also established a Local Economic Recovery Working Group with the first Skype meeting planned for Thursday 23rd April.  This group to be Chaired by the General Manager, Craig Swift-McNair includes Chamber of Commerce representatives from Port, Wauchope & Camden Haven, others from council sub-committees and several community group stakeholders.


The main objectives of this group are to:


  • Provide feedback on assistance measures and initiatives to help the area recover from the impact of COVID19,


  • To make recommendations to council regarding actions and initiatives to stimulate the local economy to achieve an economic, social and community recovery.


  • To ensure recovery actions and initiatives are in accordance with Government guidelines as restrictions are eased.


There is currently considerable goodwill and genuine efforts are being made at all levels of Government for implementation of a planned recovery for the effects of the Coronavirus crisis.


Remember to support your local businesses – buy local products & services & holiday in our beautiful area.