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Thursday 4 August 2022

Alex Geln-Holmes President


Covid had many negatives which many businesses are still dealing with.  Staff off sick and isolating and with the flu season upon us, this is again putting a big strain on business.

There are however many positives that we can take away from this time. (You may think I have gone mad but bear with me.) One of the biggest positives was that it gave us time. Quality time to spend with family, time to slow down and take a breath (at least in the initial 6-week lockdown) but most importantly time to have a good look at our businesses to see what works what doesn’t and what changes need to be made. W

e are usually so busy working in our businesses day to day and have many ideas for change but never seem to have the time to do this. Covid gave us the time to work ON our business.

At Business Port Macquarie it also gave us the chance to really reassess what we do and how we do it. Our relevance to the business community and if we are delivering the services that our members want. On reflection we found that a lot of the time we were just doing what we had always done.

In February the Board undertook a Strategic Planning day to reassess priorities and our relevance to the business community.  This was in part impetus for our change of name to Business Port Macquarie. We also surveyed our members and had meetings with many of you to see what we are doing well and what we need to improve.

Thank you for your honesty and response and through this we have many more improvements to come so watch this space!

We will be sending members a link to update your information on our new website this month so that we can help promote your business. We also now have a special promotions page. So make sure you take advantage of this.

On Thursday, 21 July we had the pleasure of hosting the Lewis Land Group team from Sovereign Hills and hear the exciting plans still to come. They have five new tenants taking up residence in Sovereign Place and the expansion of their Town Centre will offer so much more for the local community.

Future services will also include a gym and a vet and their Technology Park is well underway. Last month they celebrated the 1000th land sale with an additional 1000 blocks still to come. Future plans include a Tavern (which really excited the crowd!) a Town Green area with lake, entertainment precinct, library, retirement village and sporting fields.  Something for everyone as well as new business and employment opportunities to our area.

With Port Macquarie as the fastest growing Regional area on the East Coast this not only offers many opportunities to existing business but also strengthens jobs for our kids in the future. Businesses working together can achieve much and this helps to strengthen our local economy.

On 27 September ‘Business Port Macquarie’ will have Trevor Groeneveld from the Thrumster Business Park presenting at our Network event.

The Business Park will compliment the work that Lewis Land Group have done by providing space for industrial and manufacturing opportunities. There are many exciting precincts in this new Industrial area so come along to find out more.

Our breakfast on 11 August has our Mayor Peta Pinson and Hastings Council CEO Dr Clare Allen presenting on projects council has coming up and the changes that they also have happening.

With so much going on locally The Port Macquarie Hastings area is an exciting place to be with so much opportunity.

‘Business Port Macquarie’ continue to meet with Council, State and Federal levels of government to promote Economic Development and Infrastructure in our area to benefit business. We are also aware that affordable housing for workers is a concern, and this is another area that we work with all levels of government on.

As a member of ‘Business Port Macquarie’ we are your voice to government to advocate on your behalf. Contact our office to see how we can advocate on your behalf. As one business it can be hard to be heard but as a group, we can create a much louder voice where we all benefit.

We live in a beautiful part of the world where our opportunities are boundless. No longer are regional areas having to struggle to have the same opportunities as our city cousins. Let’s make this area great for the whole community.

If you would like to find out how to become a member of ‘Business Port Macquarie’, please call Katherine our Executive Officer on 0422 562 300 Monday to Friday from 9am-3pm.

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“The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help someone else to get it first” – Iyanla Vanzant

Have a great month