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Wednesday 4 September 2019

Courtesy of Port News, 28 August 2019

“It is really starting to take shape,” he said. “We have put a huge amount of effort into the architectural design for both the building and the outdoor space to create the best possible environment for people to work and shop.It will be something quite different from your normal shop. The grand two-storey building is right on the corner. The outdoor landscaping environment has been a big factor in the detailed design where the biophilic feel is really important to us,” he said.

The first stage includes a full-line IGA supermarket along with 20 specialty shops and commercial space. Specialty stores will include, Your Discount Chemist, The Hill Café, Brooklyn’s Burger Bar and Triple Two Homewares. Stage two is still being planned but will include a community centre and a wellness hub which will consist of a gym and or a medical centre. There will also be some outdoor uses.

“We are considering a stand-alone three-storey commercial building if demands requires,” Mr Long said. “We are really excited to be delivering this first stage of the town centre development. Getting these developments up and running does take time and some could say that we have gone early on this. However, we are located in the largest growth area of Port Macquarie. The catchment will be 15 kilometres and we expect to attract shoppers from the western side of Port Macquarie, Wauchope while we are also located right on the highway.”

Hastings Co-operative Ltd CEO Allan Gordon said the IGA supermarket is coming together quite well. He said a feature of the supermarket will be a creche where parents and families can utilise the service while shopping in-store.Other features include a full Home hardware, a tech hub with gadgets and modern conveniences, plus a juice bar.

“We are still working through the number of staff we will require but it will be somewhere between 50 and 60,” Mr Gordon said. “While there is always pressure on, the work is all on schedule and on track to open in November. There has been no delays to construction and we are now at the stage where we are fitting out the inside.”

Mr Gordon said the new store indicated the Co-op had a really good future. Retail is our specialty, he said. “And we have great confidence in groceries. This opportunity (to open the store) was a natural progression for us in the gap between Port Macquarie and Wauchope,” he said.

Mr Gordon said the supermarket will include an old fashioned-style butcher shop where customers can talk directly to the butcher. It will feature a dedicated prosciutto hanging space.”Our IGA store is going to meet the expectations of what customers want to experience,” he added.

Mr Long said Sovereign Place will grow over time to 25,000 sqm with future stages. The architecturally-designed centre will feature locally-sourced timber arbours, natural sandstone, lush landscaping, roof-mounted solar panels, reclaimed water usage and electric car charging stations.