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Thursday 25 February 2021

The Gordon Street commercial precinct which extends from Ocean Drive to Horton Street is currently in need of revitalisation in terms of streetscape, pedestrian access and parking.  Council is planning stormwater and re-surfacing upgrades with works to commence in April this year.  However, significant revitalisation and upgrades involving landscaping, tree planting, pedestrian links and implementation of a parking strategy would encourage customer visitation and greatly benefit business operators in the area.

As one of the main approaches to the CBD Gordon Street also provides an important first impression for visitors to Port Macquarie.  In its present state it offers little aesthetic appeal and is not an inviting gateway or approach to the CBD, beaches, Town Green and waterfront areas.  The Chamber vision is for it to be revitalised into a welcoming contemporary streetscape with high quality landscaping and tree planting where appropriate.  Providing direct pedestrian linkages to public parking areas accessed via rear lanes on both the Northern and Southern sides is also needed to enhance the area and make it a more attractive destination for retail and service industry customers.

The Gordon Street precinct is an emerging business precinct with an important role in the hierarchy of retail, professional services, hospitality and accommodation supporting the growth of Port Macquarie.  The area is a located outside the main CBD and as such is not part of the Town Centre Masterplan area which has streetscape upgrades funded in part by a special rate levy.  Development of a Masterplan for Gordon Street including the key elements of landscaping and street trees, pedestrian links as well as off street parking is a logical first step.

Council has an existing parking strategy developed in the early 2000’s that includes parallel laneways linking with public parking areas to the rear of the commercial buildings with potential access links to Ackroyd Street in the South and Bridge/Gore Streets to the North.  Streetscape works would potentially result in reduced kerbside parking hence it is critical that these additional parking areas and access be planned for and constructed in conjunction with the revitalisation.

Chamber is actively promoting this as a future project with Council to be included in upcoming operational plans.  To assist in this process Chamber is actively seeking feedback from property owners and businesses in the Gordon Street precinct.  Your support is vital in getting the necessary momentum to have the project recognised and included in Council’s operational plans.  There is also the possibility of future funding for revitalisation works through grant applications to State and Federal Government sources.

To provide feedback and support go our website at or call our office direct on 6583 4412.

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