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Tuesday 6 September 2022


Meet Carlie Comer – Linked Community Services


As part of our various levels of membership, we are very excited to welcome our newest gold member Linked Community Services.

Alex caught up with Carlie Comer CEO at Linked Community Services, a new member and gold sponsor, we are so grateful to have this fantastic local business as part of our community.

Linked Community Services is a quality transport provider within the Port Macquarie and Port Stephens regions and has been a trusted and reliable not-for-profit organisation for over 30 years providing people with over 65,000 trips per year.

Formally known as Hastings Macleay Community Transport and Port Stephens Community Transport, Linked Community Services have a clear commitment to service excellence.

A lot of people know Linked as far as transport for over 65s and people that have medical conditions, it’s so much more. Linked Community Services are well known for community transport to medical appointments, they also provide additional services such as taking people on social outings and events to see friends, coffee and to do shopping…the list goes on.

What you may not know is that when our younger people are incapacitated for any reason, such as a broken leg or arm which prevents their ability to drive for a short period of time, they can access the community transport program.

One thing all team members at Linked Community Services have in common is a genuine aspiration to give back and improve the quality of life and independence for people within the community.

The team at Linked Community Services comprise a Board of Directors, over 30 employees and over 60 volunteers with some being a part of the organisation for over 30 years.

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