Welcome to our new members - August 2022

December 5, 2023

Welcome to our newest members of Business Port Macquarie

Gem Socials

Katherine caught up with Emma Walker and Shania Law- Davis from Gem Socials, one of our newest members.

Here is a little about what they do, make sure you go and follow these guys, we love supporting our locals.

You can tell your story on social media to attract scrollers and turn their likes into leads.

But do you have the time for that? Social media doesn’t have to be tricky and time-consuming.

There are parts you can outsource, and parts you can do yourself.

Outsourcing to their small yet mighty team of social gems saves you time so you can focus on what you do best, while growing your brand awareness and sales.

They ensure your story is engaging for the right audience at the right time.
Welcome 🙌

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Empirical Health

Excellence in the Use of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Empirical Health specialises in the use of the very highest quality Chinese Herbs and Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine formulas.

The company is well established and recognised by leading physicians across the world as suppliers of formulas that are manufactured according to classical Chinese texts

They produce and supply hand-made specialist formulas in a variety of forms. Our manufacturing is founded on ancient wisdom with applications suitable within a modern context.  They distribute premium, high grade herbs and granules sourced exclusively from the best companies globally.

The company is the first and only Chinese herbal medicine company in Australia that is approved as an Australian Certified Organic Processing facility.  Meeting every one of the stringent requirements for the supply of Australian Certified Organic (ACO) herbs.

Empirical Health markets organic herbs in both domestic and international markets, and with confidence, our company is setting new standards in excellence.

You can find out more by visiting their website.

💻 Website